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“A Passion for bakery Ingredients “

Supply of all ingredients for bakery industry    |    Supply of all ingredients for biscuit & food industry    |    Supply of all confectionery food products    |    Supply of all laundry detergent & cleaning chemicals    |    Supply of all Packing materials for food industry    |    Supply of all packaging machines & accessories for food industry

Threesara Holdings helps the food manufacturing industry drive growth through new product development, increasing supply chain efficiency. More than a food ingredients supplier, Threesara provides technological solutions for customer satisfaction & success.

"There are only three factors that contribute to a company's success"

 People! People! People!

Ingredients for bakery biscuit & food industry  

Laundry detergent   & cleaning chemicals

Packing materials, machines & accessories for food industry

Confectionery food products

         Welcome to Three Sara Holdings

Threesara holding manufacture & distribute a wide range of bakery, biscuit & food ingredients for food manufacturing industry.Products are formulated to suite each food industry and our company has well established sales and technical team focused on serving either the industrial or craft baking sector. Customer service team is also set up to provide support to respective customers. Beside suppling food ingredients we are providing a high standard of product applications expertise & service excellence to our customers, giving intensive baking knowledge , biscuit manufacturing knowledge & technical solutions, other food processing technical solutions & training to customers. And also we supply flexible laminated packaging materials which are used for the packaging of food products & nonfood commodities, industrial & domestic cleaning chemicals, mineral water, confectionery food products, seasoning & spices for local, export market. Contact us for above commodities & foodstuffs

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